I’ve been wanting to add video to the blog for a while now. Here is my first attempt. This is merely a slideshow -just practicing to see how it all works. I actually have some video footage shot that I haven’t gotten around to editing yet. Should be interesting……

As for the makiage….this is a panel I drew out and stitched last night. The stitching is simple- especially white on black. It’s always good to use a high contrast thread that won’t dye or discharge (the better to see when you are pulling out the threads). This was done on black County Classic cotton from Joanns. I’m thinking what I want to do with it now. Definitely a wall piece. Perhaps backed and quilted to add some texture to the background…..if I do a binding around the edge I think I would like to see some shibori discharged binding…..

9 thoughts on “makiage

  1. sophie

    The work is beautiful, but personally, I’d rather be able to study and enjoy still photos. All those powerpoint special effects, zooming in and out, actually made me a little dizzy.

    (To each his own, I suppose.)


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    jude, kristin, & alsokaizen-
    thanks-i’m fascinated with the discharge on black. i could spend endless amounts of time exploring all the possibilities. definitely doing more of this.
    jude- music is by From Cities to Oceans- the boys music- cut entitled “epilogue”- available on iTunes (shameless plug).
    sophie-“(To each his own, I suppose.)”-
    well said! i do have much to learn….


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