maki-age shibori


maki means “to wind” and age means “upward” in Japanese. To make these motifs, I stitched circles through four layers of 3mm silk gauze and pulled them up tight. Then I wound thread upward from the gathered stitching to the tip, finishing with a backwards halfhitch- kind of like you would when casting on in knitting. I’ve submitted details to Karren’s Makiage Challenge group over at Flickr. These are my ghostly spiders which I will wear with an orange/black 3mm arashi piece over a black dress for Halloween Preview Night in Houston.

5 thoughts on “maki-age shibori

  1. jude

    i am doing a series on the nature of dots and i was thinking of transferring some digital shibori images to fabric and working them against actual dyed shibori… keep you posted. i love these black and white shots, they are great.


  2. Vashti

    I was thinking of trying this, but I’m concerned that I’ll end up with stitching holes in my 5mm silk. What type of needle & thread did you use to avoid this?


  3. shiborigirl Post author

    on shibori, i think it’s common to see the holes where the stitching was. i use a very fine silk needle and invisible nylon thread. i use this because it’s what i have at hand from stitching silk roses out of my shibori ribbon. i don’t think it’s really the best as it’s very difficult to see without glasses! especially when it comes to removing the stitching without cutting holes in your fabric- see Karren Brito’s post today.



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