a question..

I came across this as a result of a google alert.
Which led me to this

I wondered if anyone went to this lecture who would share what you heard? I emailed and asked if the audio file was available online or through iTunes as a podcast and I’m waiting to hear.

Working, working, working. Try the makiage challenge hosted by Karren at Entwinements! First day in the 4th grade class is next Monday- starting with drawing. I have lots of photos and no time to post them at the moment.

5 thoughts on “a question..

  1. shiborigirl Post author

    since i ended up somewhat answering my own question, i thought i’d share the answer here as well. i received an email from Vic De La Rosa who replied with the following:
    “i cited your blog and Flickr site, among others, as a great example of the influence the internet has had on how artists and designers now communicate their work to others. i also spoke on what i see as a sea change in how those interested in textiles are creating community and sharing knowledge in new ways as well.” he says he doesn’t currently have the lecture recorded but may do so in the future and will be happy to share it with us if he does.


  2. Danielle

    Hello. I’m in high school and came across your work and have based my art project were doing on your work here. we are writing a biography on the artist… Think you could help?


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      Hi Danielle-
      Great! Why don’t you do a little reading here on my blog and check out some of my links (flickr, website) and send me a list of questions you would like answered? You can send the questions to the email listed on my website. I look forward to hearing from you!



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