show preparation in progress


After posting a question to the dyerslist forum about where to find the cheapest black cotton that discharges well, I ended up at JoAnns Fabrics where I bought 12yds of black cotton with a 40% coupon at about $1.70 yd. The above photos chart the progress of the project which is to do a quick discharge on the yardage to use as table skirtings on a 10×20 booth at the Houston International Quilt Festival. The booth backdrop will be plain black without any design so as to serve as a blank canvas to all the colored silk to be displayed there. I wanted large designs on the skirtings so the booth reads”shibori” from a distance. I have a corner booth for extra visibility. All will be flameproofed as per show safety regulations . So much more to blog about but time is limited at the moment. Look for a special post tomorrow…..

2 thoughts on “show preparation in progress

  1. Sandra D

    How do you ever unwrap these? I am absolutely WILD about the photo just tied, not even dyed! I would fill my entire house up with those amazing tied up creatures and roll around in delirium.


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    Sometimes I think I like the process more than the result as well, which is why I keep taking photos of these weird creatures. I find them interesting and realize that you don’t get to see all the stages the fabric goes through to on it’s way to becoming shibori. Sometimes they are sculptures in their own right and their presence is so transient-hence the photos….part of the fascinating beauty of shibori.



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