nature showers so cal with her generosity

Here in Southern California rain is like gold these days. I’m not sure if there were pots of it at the ends of these rainbows but the rain over the past couple of days has been glorious. Washing off the dust and grime of the city and saturating our gardens for a good deep drink.

Having an outside studio is a benefit of living in So Cal where our weather is mild most of the year. I love working outside and when rain/wind is in the forecast I batten down the hatches and secure my workspace accordingly. I do have some indoor workspaces but all the dyeing and discharging is done outside. I know many dyers have outside work areas and can appreciate the different energy encountered working outside vs an inside studio space. It’s a different creative energy that I would hate to give up for an all indoor space, even during inclement weather (check back with me after we’ve had 2 weeks of solid rain-rare but it can happen). So for now, I’m enjoying the change in weather it’s sunny and bright outside today- think I’ll do some overdyeing and steaming and enjoy the day!

5 thoughts on “nature showers so cal with her generosity

  1. shiborigirl Post author

    as noted above- it was on the front page of the LA Times California section-i tried to link it but it didn’t take the link and i never bothered to go back and fix it….i think it was taken out near Ventura….



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