other worldly views of shibori

When I started making shibori (almost a year ago now!), it didn’t take me long to start looking at it close up. From there I started taking pictures of it and from there, taking pictures of it close up. Soon I realized that I wanted to take better pictures and got a new camera and so on. Moving closer still, I find the recent photos taking me inside the shibori, into almost otherworldly views of it, shiboriscapes if you will. Some of the pictures have me thinking in new directions and I can’t say where that will ultimately lead.

4 thoughts on “other worldly views of shibori

  1. Lynne Wallace

    Your photos make shibori look like the results of ancient natural processes, so beautiful and mysterious! Thanks for your continuing inspiration,


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    laughing, jude- i just received a book entitled “The Price of Greatness” -resolving the creativity and madness controversy. i think as artists we really do push ourselves over the edge at times, or at least we allow ourselves to visit the precipice on occasion. i’ve always been interested in this topic for personal reasons- my mother was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia when i was 4 and placed in a state facility for 10 years. she survived it and rejoined society many years later where i have come to know her again but the topic always interests me. (sorry-too much information)
    yes, shiboriscapes has resulted in alot of interest and sometimes i enjoy a disconnect into the terrain and topography of shiboriscapes- thanks to all for your encouragement!



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