6 thoughts on “new work

  1. shiborigirl Post author

    yes, it is 3mm silk gauze. i can’t tear myself away from it at the moment even though i have other stuff i need to be working on. i have 15 yards of it to play with! this piece is 45″ x 120″.


  2. Karren

    Tell us what is new to you. The 3mm gauze. What else?

    I love seeing the other pleated layer underneath. I see areas that are more purple and others that are less. Are there strong diagonal lines from the arashi over dyeing?


  3. shiborigirl Post author

    Several things are new to me. First the weight of the silk and the type of silk-3mm gauze. It’s just so sheer and filmy. love that quality. Also, this is one of the largest pieces of shibori I have done so far. Since this was yardage as opposed to pre- hemmed silk scarves, I machine hemmed the ends with silk thread prior to dyeing and wrapping. I left the selvedge edge unhemmed. In addition, this piece was ironed and folded much like the previous smaller pieces and when wrapped, I allowed about 3/8″ between wraps-fairly wide. The nature of the gauze is that it’s sheerness allows the dye to pass through many layers quickly and easily. I didn’t base dye this piece at all and you can barely see the original (white) color. The strong diagonal lines are as much a result of the texture as the color. I’ll get a photo later today so you can see more of the dye pattern as it was applied to the folded piece after it was wrapped.
    I like seeing the under layers as well. I’d love to take this piece into a studio with a model and the proper lighting to get some good photos.
    I see this is one way to get people to comment- just put up an intriguing photo and get people to ask questions!
    Thanks Karren!



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