Shibori update

The thing to know is that when the blog is quiet for a bit it usually means that work is going on. So here’s an update of some of what has been happening around here.

I attended a talk on Saturday and became a member of the Wearable Art Connection in Southern California affectionately called WAC. The speaker was Tara Arnold from Berkeley. I was interested in seeing what others were doing here in wearables and who else might be working with shibori. Tara sews custom clothing for women and shared with us her ideas on making clothing that suits your life. The samples she brought were simple and very practical. Most were based on geometric piecing with the emphasis being on the choice of fabrics. I was interested in the idea of layering crisp over drapey fabrics and vice versa. I haven’t sewn garments for myself for quite a while but I wanted to get some inspiration for using some of my shibori fabric in creating some wearables. The group is having a vest “challenge” and I am going to give it a whirl. I picked up a pattern (required starting point-from there you can take it to the moon-anything goes) and have started in on the project. I want to make something lightweight and filmy and started with some habotai 5mm yardage which I cut out before pole wrapping and dyeing. I decided that cutting out the pattern first might be the way to go since after the texture was added, it might be a bit more difficult to manage. There are only 3 pattern pieces to this vest and after cutting, wrapping and dyeing- here’s what I have so far:

I am still working on the treatment for the front edge of the vest. I need to dye some more fabric and perhaps some ribbon to match. I like how the arashi texture helps to shape the garment. I used my steamer to remove/soften some of the texture and shape the garment before I sewed the pieces together.
This fabric is tricky to work with but here are a few tips:
-use a very fine needle
-iron texture out of seam allowances before pinning
-always sew samples of every seam on a swatch of the same fabric before sewing on the garment

Took a road trip with a friend to see some shops and stopped in at La Jolla Fiber Arts Gallery where they are having a shibori show. I’d offer you more info but their website event page is still listing last year’s August show/events. The main featured artists from my recollection were Doshi (mainly garments), Carter Smith (quite a number of pieces in the store), and a few stunning pieces by Karren Brito. Karren has now posted some of the pieces she sent to the show over on her blog and they are beautiful! I was there before the show opened so missed seeing those pieces. Worth a trip to La Jolla if you are in the So Cal area.

Saw this and it inspired me to NOT remove my pocket squares from my product list. Up to now I hadn’t convinced anyone to order these. Guess I need to photograph mine and get it out there now. I originally made some of these for the kid’s prom.

I updated my styles page and still need to do more work on my colors page. I must say the daily practice of photoshop is really helping me get more familiar with all the tools in the photoshop palette. Not that I’m creating masterpieces there but I am remembering where to find things when I need them. For me, that is half the challenge in photoshop. Have missed a few days posting there but I have been progressing. I did come across this flickr pool which I found interesting and have added a few contacts over at flickr who specialize in photoshopped images-WOW! some are amazing! I look at photographs in a whole new way and I am starting to be able to recognize the various techniques when I look at images.

Making and sending out lots of new things….attending to the business side of things which is very boring but has to get done too!

There’s more but I’ll leave it at that………if you’ve made it this far reading this long post leave me a comment if you found any of these links of interest….mata-ne!

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