once a day…

Lee, at Dancing Crow does a postcard a day

Heather at “Drawing on the Walls” is doing a daily polaroid project based on the theme “Home”

I’ve noticed a number of my blogger contacts doing “once a day” projects and I’ve liked the idea of it. As an independent maker of things, the structure of committing to this publicly might get me to do something I have been wanting to do but somehow always can put off ’til later. I’d like to give it a try and while some of them commit themselves to “a once a day for year” project I’m going to keep it small and make it once a day for a month, at least for now-see how it goes. You might imagine that I’d be doing something with shibori every day but that’s not my problem. I already do that. I have been wanting to improve my photography skills and my photoshop skills for some time now. I take lots of pictures with my Nikon D40 and have been getting better with using the camera and all it’s possibilities and settings. I looked into some classes- locally and online-some free, some expensive, many inconvenient. I joined a local photography MeetUp group which meets once a month and is great and interesting when I can get to it- but it’s not exactly what I need- I just need practice! And lots of it (like most things).
I recently joined an online photo site called “No BS Photo Success”($20/month-month to month) that offers lots of photoshop tutorials (some free ones too if you don’t want to join) that was recommended by one of the photographers in the MeetUp group.
So- here’s my commitment:
For the rest of the month of August, each day I will practice a new photoshop technique on one of my photos-new or old-and post the before and after results on a separate page linked at the top of this blog. There- I said it. Now we’ll see how it goes……….

3 thoughts on “once a day…

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  2. shiborigirl Post author

    I don’t see any specific to PSE but I work in CS and don’t know how related the two are.
    You could always go to the site and email a question and look at some of the free download tutorials.



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