natural art

Maybe it’s just me, but I see shibori possibilities in so many things. I enjoyed a week away from everything surrounded by nature, beauty, and quiet. I had some books, some paper,paints,& pencils, and my camera and the time to spend with them without interruption.
Some of the things I saw-
beautiful red dots on scaley, shimmering brown trout
base dyed red, clamped, discharged,clamped/resisted some more, overdyed in grey browns….

-hundreds of dragonflies in reds, blues and greens..
In North American Indian lore, the dragonfly is the essence of the winds of change, representing the messages of wisdom and enlightenment; and communication from the elemental world. The dragonfly possesses the ability to see through illusion. They bring prosperity and harmony. The dragonfly totem teaches skillful action while maintaining a free and joyful sense of being.

The dragonfly in samurai lore is said to represent unwavering loyalty by its tireless flying.

wildflowers of all kinds…this is “farewell to spring”
i see an itajime piece in my mind’s eye…. or perhaps a shibori silk flower

and this detail of some ponderosa pine bark…delicious!

-bedrock mortar for grinding acorns into meal. Southern Miwok Indians. This was a deep one- almost 10″ deep. I counted 12 “squaw holes” over this particular bedrock…just sat there a while imagining…

and painted acorns hanging from the trees above…

back and ready to work…

4 thoughts on “natural art

  1. shiborigirl Post author

    i took a picture with you in mind while walking through the woods near the lake…you can see it here…
    for jude

    i’ve always been fascinated with dragonflies-so beautiful and quick

    perhaps fifinella is related….


  2. carol

    hey, sis! Looks like heaven there in the woods! Lots of pretty things for you to capture, obsess on and spit out as a piece of art…can’t wait to see the results!



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