solar shibori results

I took Karren Brito’s advice and did a test of the solar shibori against the steam set shibori ribbon.

In the case of the ribbon, I measured a 24″ piece from each type and hung them in the bathroom for a week now. They both still measure 24″. As you can see from the picture, the pleating runs lengthwise so the real change that would occur is in the width (which I didn’t measure!). But after a week the pleating on both remains quite intact. I would say both have relaxed slightly- the solar set piece a bit more. I often steam the pleating open a bit on the ribbon to work with it anyway so all in all I would say it does work. I’ll be working with the ribbon and I’ll see how the pleating fares with handling.

Here’s an example of what I’ll be making with some of the silk shibori ribbon:

Tomorrow we leave for vacation at a cabin near Yosemite and I picked up a couple of books to read. One I had heard of before and was reminded about again while watching/listening The Colbert Report on my ipod video while working. I get a kick out of that show (& The Daily Show) and download them to my ipod to listen to while working. The book?
Timberloft here I come!

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