Discharging shibori and more…

I recently posted a question to the dyersLIST regarding the discharging of sabraset/lanaset color, emerald:
“I notice that whenever I discharge teal to orange, much of the orange fades to light grey/green. Is this due to oxidation or is it a photo chemical reaction?”
Karren Brito suggested that I do a gentler discharge if I wanted to retain more of the orange color- less thiox and less heat. I will definitely try that next time. I was still interested to know if oxidation or photo sensitivity played a role in the color changing from orange to pale grey/green. Sherri Smith replied with this,”It’s not unusual for a color to appear to have discharged to one color but to change to another as it cools and or oxidizes.” I had suspected as much. After several tests, I can say that when discharging, some colors are affected by oxidation, much like indigo. The next time I discharge emerald I will play around with controlling the oxidation during cooling and see how much I can affect the outcome.
If you click on the link for Sherri Smith you will be taken to her bio page which I found very interesting. She has been involved in the fiber arts for 40 years and her work was part of an early (1969) groundbreaking exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City credited with launching the field of fibers as an art form. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was recently reading (The New Textiles) about the early history of fiber and textiles as a contemporary art form. Another interesting thing I read was that craft councils were established in the 60’s & 70’s as an alternative infrastructure to support the fiber arts. The question of whether fiber art was “art” or “craft”had been raised.
Edward Lucie-Smith is quoted as having said ” that any distinction between art and craft rested entirely on the intentions of the maker”. This question is still being debated today, some 40 years later. I think his answer to this question is the best one I’ve heard so far! Interesting stuff.
So now you may wonder, “What the heck does this have to do with shibori?”. It all started with a discharge bath.
I’ve been busy filling several reorders. Luna in Long Beach just received a new group of pieces. If you are ever in Long Beach, make sure to visit this shop. Don and Harold have a good eye for the handmade object and Don has been in this business for over 30 years that I know of. Martin down at Duet Laguna (formerly Textile Dreams) is busy st the Laguna Arts Festival and his new shop is busier than ever. He also has a very nice selection of my shibori and receives new work on a monthly basis. Grovewood Gallery is receiving new work next week . Paulette Knight at The Ribbonerie in San Francisco is moving her shop this month to a new location – I’ll post the new address as soon as she’s ready to re-open.
In the meantime, I’ve been pole wrapping, discharging and dyeing. Also did some shibori on cotton for a special project. I realize I prefer working with silk- at least for now.

And ironing….and playing with ribbon :



7 thoughts on “Discharging shibori and more…

  1. shiborigirl Post author

    yes and i like the luster of the fabric, the way it moves and drapes. i need a lot more practice with cotton to achieve a look i like with the dyes. what i really want to experiment with is indigo on cotton. i plan on getting an indigo vat going in the near future…for both silk and cotton. i like the intensity you can get with indigo. ps. milo says “hi” .


  2. Liz

    I love Luna! I am from the Long Beach area originally (now in Oakland) and I used to drag my mom down to 2nd street just to go to Luna. Another thing I have to do in August when I go down to visit!


  3. Darcy

    Hi, I love your site. I am trying to find information on the arashi shibori technique that is done by Jan Myers-Newbury. Do you know how to do that? I cannot find any website for her.




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