I always find it interesting to look at the daily searches that lead people to my blog and thought you might too.
Here are the searches from the past day :

Search Views
shibori art
shibori artist today
shibori masterpieces
silk ribbon flowers
ribbon flowers
antique shibori
shibori girl
japanese ribbon flower making institute

Sometimes I’ll repeat an interesting or odd one and see what else comes up. Often on those I learn about something I had no idea even existed. Take the Japanese Ribbon Flower Making Institute. While it turned out that I couldn’t find the JRFMI, (my blog came up several times!?) I did come across an interesting book which I ordered to further my study of ribbon art and promote my shibori ribbon. Even odder, there is one pornish site that keeps referring to my blog since I have the word “girl” in it. Go figure! I bet they are very confused when they land at Shibori Girl! I have learned so many things from following down searches. If you haven’t done it before, check it out on your own blog.

Still no exciting photos to post…just wrapping poles for a major discharge session later today.
The only photos I have to offer up are product shots I took for a friend of mine for her website.


She does a line of miniature mannequins and the mid year shows are almost here. Time for new designs and that means new pics and a website update. A shibori laden mannequin is in the works and I’ll post the photo here when it’s done.

2 thoughts on “searches….

  1. jude

    i have been looking at search words too, it is very interesting sometimes. i always forget to make a list and really think about it. i forget a lot of things that are probably important to understanding this blogging thing.


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