more garden inspiration….

It was such a grand weekend in Southern California and I spent more time outside….

watching the bees collect pollen on the poppies


making flowers from shibori ribbon


wondering what to do with the flowers….joined a milliners photo pool on flickr


put up a shibori flag to flutter in the breeze

cleaned the turtle pond and restacked the waterfall, then sat back and enjoyed reading in the backyard
with the turtle, the waterfall, and some chimes tolling in the background.
here is what i am reading….
510D6C63Kzl. Bo2,204,203,200 Pilitb-Dp-500-Arrow,Topright,45,-64 Ou01 Aa240 Sh20

new being relative, this book was published in 1991, but since my own education focused on ceramics and sculpture
i didn’t know too much about the history of contemporary textiles and it gave me a perspective and a context
in which to apply my own experience and knowledge about textiles, craft, and art. i’m really enjoying this book!
(my copy is a used hardcover with a different cover photo- many used copies available on amazon for $6 and up)

6 thoughts on “more garden inspiration….

  1. hrsj

    your garden poppies and shibori poppies are vibrant! I’m wondering too what you will do with your shibori poppies!
    also, how did you get that color effect in your photo of the garden poppies?


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    yes, it is easy to collect books and not really read them! i am making time to read some every week now.
    -hrsj, not really sure what you mean by the color effect….i’m using a nikon D40 with the 18-55mm lens. no color effect or photoshopping- just a quick snap out in the garden around mid-day. love this camera though….also have the 70-300mm AF lens which is amazing!


  3. Kristin

    Oh, the poppies are wonderful. The button in the middle is so perfect. Poppies are one of my fave flowers and I went on a bit of a craze last summer — poppy purse, poppy pincushio, poppy quilt. Your flower makes me want to revisit the theme 😉



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