more shibori ribbon

Taking inspiration from the hydrangeas blooming in the yard, I dyed 80 yards of silk satin ribbon in two different pinks using the sabraset/lanaset dye set. One pink, a combination of polar red,iris and black- the other, scarlet red,iris and black. I think the resulting pinks represented the hydrangea pretty well.

can you tell which is which?
ok, so you have a 50/50 chance of being right!

10 yd rolls ready to wrap

hydrangea inspiration
now thinking about what to discharge and how to overdye….

2 thoughts on “more shibori ribbon

  1. Beth

    Hi, just a quick note after reading your wonderful blog. You ribbons are incredible works of art; thanks for sharing it with us.

    Also a quick reaction to the picture of someone’s hand dipping ribbon into dye a few posts back–I was a bit shocked that there were no gloves used! Was that maybe non-toxic Koolaid? Sorry, I just am so ultra-careful with dyes, that glove use is automatic. I realize some food dyes are A-OK, though.

    Again, thanks for a wonderful blog!


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    We used easter egg dyes (non-toxic food dyes) with the kids. That photo was from the Cherry Blossom festival in Little Tokyo (L.A.) When we do this in the 4th grade classroom we use the same thing but it does give us an opportunity to discuss using art materials safely. I bring all the protective gear and show them how it is used and why.
    Thanks for asking the question!



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