the value of making …part 2

Thanks to all of you who left your comments on the previous post on the value of making. Coincidentally, I received a message on my phone today from a mom whose son will be in next years 4th grade class imploring us to return to the same class next year so her son can benefit from our art classes. There is hope, even though the district doesn’t see the need, some of the parents do. Guerrilla art warfare at it’s finest.
On the shibori front (yes this IS a blog about shibori), narablog is joining the flickr pool on shibori, so look for some great images of antique shibori textiles coming soon. I’ve been doing more experimenting with the ribbon as well as some sculptural pieces. Speaking of DIY (see comments), a customer has asked that some online classes be created around the shibori ribbon to promote sales. Hmmmmm….
Photos on the next post for sure…

2 thoughts on “the value of making …part 2

  1. jude

    oh great!, narablog is wonderful, such a fabric narrative. i am looking for indigo dyed silk, do you know a source? actually maybe she does….
    and i have decided to teach a group of nursery school kids how to weave…. how’s that? you have inspired me…..
    online classes are interesting, keep us posted. something pink on it’s way to you soon…..whew, a comment filled with comments, my time is short these days, gotta squeeze it in.


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    Bruce, from narablog promises to write an intro over at the flickr pool when he gets a chance so keep an eye out for it there.
    sorry, don’t know a source for indigo dyed silk….want to try that myself soon.
    i’m so excited you are going to teach those kids to weave! thank you! keep us posted on that one….



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