architectural shibori

“In shibori there is a right way to do things, but, at the same time, there hardly exists a wrong way. The traditional way gives contemporary artists a framework not only to explore shaping methods but also to modify the materials and tools.” I took this quote from the techniques link of the World Shibori Network website.
I like to keep this in mind when I am working.

architectural shibori

It seems the WSN website hasn’t seen many updates in the last several years. The email address posted on the website no longer works and returns a “550 user does not exist” message. I went to Yoshiko Wada’s site and sent an email offering help in gathering info and perhaps getting the site more up to date. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

3 thoughts on “architectural shibori

  1. hrsj

    I think that’s a good idea; you’d be good at cataloging the info too from what I’ve seen how you record all your work and that of your teaching. Do you think the other members of WSN would be interested in helping with that task?



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