the last monday…

Well, today was the last Monday in the 4th grade room. At least until September when we’ll get another class. Unfortunately, I had to call in sick today. Actually, I had Phil call in for me since I have completely lost my voice! Can’t talk above a whisper. We had planned a pizza art party and Penny did it on her own. Afterwards she came by to deliver a handful of thank you cards the students had made for us. We had a good time reading them over a cup of tea. One of mine was made as a crown:

me DSC_0699.JPG

In the meantime, I’v been playing with silk ribbons…
DSC_0695.JPG DSC_0699.JPG

Last Friday I had the chance to go to Santa Monica to see the Contemporary Crafts Market where I met Karren Brito and finally saw her work in person. It was, of course, stunning. She generously showed me her pieces and I was able to purchase a second copy of her book which she signed for me. My other copy is very shop worn!
 Blog-Mt3 Images Sm.Book-Cover

You can get it on Amazon but if you order it from Karren, she’ll sign it for you!

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