American Silk, 1830-1930

Just a quick post before I’m off to the 4th grade room to let the class finish the patinas on their sculptures. They’ll also spend some time drawing their pieces from several angles with charcoal.


While in San Diego this past Saturday, I picked up a new book titled “American Silk, 1839-1930-Entrepreneurs and Artifacts” which traces the rise and fall of silk production in the US during that period. Written by three women, two costume curators and a math professor, it follows the story of three silk companies as they struggle to compete and overcome the challenges of technology and marketplace in a changing world. I’ve always been interested in industrial history and this book on silk really caught my attention. So far, I’m only into it 100 pages and finding it very interesting.

3 thoughts on “American Silk, 1830-1930

  1. Lee

    My city had several silk mills. I was surprised, thinking it was a more tropical fabric. There is a nice set of exhibits in the Northampton (Massachusetts) Historical Society about silk production.

    Do we show up in your book?


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