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I always find it interesting to look at the daily searches that lead people to my blog and thought you might too.
Here are the searches from the past day :

Search Views
shibori art
shibori artist today
shibori masterpieces
silk ribbon flowers
ribbon flowers
antique shibori
shibori girl
japanese ribbon flower making institute

Sometimes I’ll repeat an interesting or odd one and see what else comes up. Often on those I learn about something I had no idea even existed. Take the Japanese Ribbon Flower Making Institute. While it turned out that I couldn’t find the JRFMI, (my blog came up several times!?) I did come across an interesting book which I ordered to further my study of ribbon art and promote my shibori ribbon. Even odder, there is one pornish site that keeps referring to my blog since I have the word “girl” in it. Go figure! I bet they are very confused when they land at Shibori Girl! I have learned so many things from following down searches. If you haven’t done it before, check it out on your own blog.

Still no exciting photos to post…just wrapping poles for a major discharge session later today.
The only photos I have to offer up are product shots I took for a friend of mine for her website.


She does a line of miniature mannequins and the mid year shows are almost here. Time for new designs and that means new pics and a website update. A shibori laden mannequin is in the works and I’ll post the photo here when it’s done.


Karren Brito wrote a post yesterday that introduced me to this group. NAII is the National Association of Independent Artists.
They have a survey you might be interested participating in concerning art & craft shows. I did the survey and then went back to discover a little about NAII. I came across this page which was a fun read and if you have ever done shows, you could probably add to the list. (It’s a list of funny things overheard by vendors at craft/art shows.)

Spending time right now filling orders. This is a good thing. It pays the bills. We have good silk drying weather now and it does speed things up a bit. I have also been packing up some of the leftover remnants of my porcelain studio and creating more studio space for silk. I will be doing a show in Houston come October and most of what is left of the porcelain will go there. I will also be taking the silk ribbon and I am building inventory now along with filling orders for scarves. More details to follow on that.
No photos today…..unless you want to see rows of poles wrapped and ready for discharging and dyeing…..but you’ve seen that before. I’ll look for something else to show you…soon.


Heather ‘tagged” me with a meme yesterday and I looked it up on Wickpedia:

“a unit of cultural information, cultural evolution or diffusion — propagates from one mind to another analogously to the way in which a gene propagates from one organism to another as a unit of genetic information and of biological evolution. ”


“Internet meme, a meme or fad that spreads through the internet.”

It requires that you “tag” 5 other bloggers , kind of like a bloggers chain letter of sorts but without the negative consequences attached for breaking the “chain”. When I realized I didn’t even know 5 other bloggers well enough to pass this on I let her know but thought I’d answer the questions anyway. It’s a way of getting to know a little bit more about some of the other artists/makers that interact and share their work here in internet-land. Kind of like the things kids do on myspace.
So, here goes:

What were you doing 10 years ago?
raising my two boys (now 17 & 18) and running my porcelain company (since 1978!)

What were you doing 1 year ago?

Closing my porcelain company, doing a little consulting to other artists, and beginning a 1 year sabbatical to study shibori and put together a new endeavor. I started this blog to record that process one year ago August. This time last year I was in Japan with my boys for one month. I grew up in Japan and it was like going home.

five snacks you enjoy:
potato chips-especially spicy ones! (see bad habits!)
dried fruit and nuts
whatever fruit is ready in the yard(apricots and plums right now)
anything with pesto smeared on it

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to:

a serious downfall of mine…unless i’m hearing it i can’t remember the lyrics!

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
the same thing i’m doing now but with more traveling
go to Iceland
go to Alaska
go to Kawaii
go to Europe
go to Japan every year for one month

Five bad habits: it’s a good thing this is limited to five!
losing things…keys, glasses, i could go on
wanting to control things
cleaning up after my kids (still)
potato chips
procrastinating when it comes to things i don’t want to do

Five things you like doing:
making things and teaching kids to make things
taking pictures
traveling with my kids and phil

Five things you would never wear again:
uncomfortable shoes
fishnet stockings
wedding dress
Annie Hall style clothes
too much makeup

Five favorite toys:
my macbook
Nikon D40
paintbrushes (currently sumi-e)

Feel free to comment, copy the meme to your blog, or ignore the whole thing altogether.
If you want to copy it to your blog or to the comment section, here you go:

What were you doing ten years go?
What were you doing one year ago?
five snacks you enjoy
five songs you know all the lyrics to
What would you do if you were a millionaire?
five bad habits
five things you enjoy doing
five things you would never wear again
five favorite toys

more garden inspiration….

It was such a grand weekend in Southern California and I spent more time outside….

watching the bees collect pollen on the poppies


making flowers from shibori ribbon


wondering what to do with the flowers….joined a milliners photo pool on flickr


put up a shibori flag to flutter in the breeze

cleaned the turtle pond and restacked the waterfall, then sat back and enjoyed reading in the backyard
with the turtle, the waterfall, and some chimes tolling in the background.
here is what i am reading….
510D6C63Kzl. Bo2,204,203,200 Pilitb-Dp-500-Arrow,Topright,45,-64 Ou01 Aa240 Sh20

new being relative, this book was published in 1991, but since my own education focused on ceramics and sculpture
i didn’t know too much about the history of contemporary textiles and it gave me a perspective and a context
in which to apply my own experience and knowledge about textiles, craft, and art. i’m really enjoying this book!
(my copy is a used hardcover with a different cover photo- many used copies available on amazon for $6 and up)

more shibori ribbon

Taking inspiration from the hydrangeas blooming in the yard, I dyed 80 yards of silk satin ribbon in two different pinks using the sabraset/lanaset dye set. One pink, a combination of polar red,iris and black- the other, scarlet red,iris and black. I think the resulting pinks represented the hydrangea pretty well.

can you tell which is which?
ok, so you have a 50/50 chance of being right!

10 yd rolls ready to wrap

hydrangea inspiration
now thinking about what to discharge and how to overdye….

the value of making …part 2

Thanks to all of you who left your comments on the previous post on the value of making. Coincidentally, I received a message on my phone today from a mom whose son will be in next years 4th grade class imploring us to return to the same class next year so her son can benefit from our art classes. There is hope, even though the district doesn’t see the need, some of the parents do. Guerrilla art warfare at it’s finest.
On the shibori front (yes this IS a blog about shibori), narablog is joining the flickr pool on shibori, so look for some great images of antique shibori textiles coming soon. I’ve been doing more experimenting with the ribbon as well as some sculptural pieces. Speaking of DIY (see comments), a customer has asked that some online classes be created around the shibori ribbon to promote sales. Hmmmmm….
Photos on the next post for sure…

the value of making

I was following down a search that was done by someone that led them to my blog and I came across this quote by Eireann on her blog bara and design.
The post is entitled “beauty” .

“I once broke up with someone in part because he didn’t make anything. He didn’t understand the value of making, of materials. He didn’t need to touch things. He didn’t value made things for their innate beauty, the quality of having-been-made.”

I can completely relate to this. If you are a maker, an artist, a musician, it just makes sense to have the most important relationship in your life understand this. Fortunately, mine does.
I realize the only relationships that have worked for me have been those that fit this criteria.
I understand that one of the reasons I teach in the 4th grade room is my fear that our children are losing the value of making. Thanks to many circumstances and people in my life when I was young, I had the opportunity to make things which led to a lifelong career in making. Not everyone wants or has a desire to make things. I guess I just want kids to see the possibilities……and for the value of making to continue to exist.


architectural shibori

“In shibori there is a right way to do things, but, at the same time, there hardly exists a wrong way. The traditional way gives contemporary artists a framework not only to explore shaping methods but also to modify the materials and tools.” I took this quote from the techniques link of the World Shibori Network website.
I like to keep this in mind when I am working.

architectural shibori

It seems the WSN website hasn’t seen many updates in the last several years. The email address posted on the website no longer works and returns a “550 user does not exist” message. I went to Yoshiko Wada’s site and sent an email offering help in gathering info and perhaps getting the site more up to date. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

the last monday…

Well, today was the last Monday in the 4th grade room. At least until September when we’ll get another class. Unfortunately, I had to call in sick today. Actually, I had Phil call in for me since I have completely lost my voice! Can’t talk above a whisper. We had planned a pizza art party and Penny did it on her own. Afterwards she came by to deliver a handful of thank you cards the students had made for us. We had a good time reading them over a cup of tea. One of mine was made as a crown:

me DSC_0699.JPG

In the meantime, I’v been playing with silk ribbons…
DSC_0695.JPG DSC_0699.JPG

Last Friday I had the chance to go to Santa Monica to see the Contemporary Crafts Market where I met Karren Brito and finally saw her work in person. It was, of course, stunning. She generously showed me her pieces and I was able to purchase a second copy of her book which she signed for me. My other copy is very shop worn!
 Blog-Mt3 Images Sm.Book-Cover

You can get it on Amazon but if you order it from Karren, she’ll sign it for you!

Shibori silk ribbon flowers

Tsumami kanzashi is the Japanese art of folded silk made for hair adornments when wearing kimono and dates back to the Edo period, over 200 years ago.

Silk decorated hats have been in fashion since the 1700’s and even today silk florals embellish hats made by the most discriminating milliners.

Modern silk ribbon artisans such as Candace Kling and Helen Gibb have vast knowledge of silk flowermaking and ribbonwork as exemplified in their books on the topic.

I have been playing with the ribbon as well: