It’s a love hate thing with me. I get a real rush figuring out how to market my work in unusual and creative ways. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not. But ultimately, the most rewarding marketing comes from forming close, one on one relationships with customers and figuring out what will work best for them, their shop, and most importantly, their customers. That’s what I am focused on right now. Designing and making work for specific customers now that I know what is selling for them. Also discovering a whole new market that I stumbled on by accident. But most of all, I like making the work. I like seeing lots of color every day. I also have the need to create pieces without intention, for no other purpose than to experiment and follow the path it takes me down. These pieces are my most important work. One allows for the other.

Tomorrow is Monday and it’s back to the 4th grade room for what may end up being our final project- sculpture with plaster I have left from my mold shop and porcelain studio. Yesterday Penny & I worked out all the details, made a sample to make sure what I had in my head would work out. Thirty 4th graders, wood, wire, nylons, water and plaster, and paint in a room not meant for art spells complete disaster if you aren’t organized and in control. Thirty 4th graders can eat you alive if you lose control of the situation!
We have ordered the DVD art:21 to show while kids are waiting their turn to do the plaster work. Tomorrow we build armatures.
Pictures tomorrow, promise.

2 thoughts on “marketing….

  1. jude

    hey, porcelain? you have another thing going on, very cool. such tiny artworks, i love it. small things are easier to market i think, i was just thinking that myself. more contained in effort and easier to manage.



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