Back from Las Vegas


Well, back from the show, unpacked everything and got it all put away ’til next time. These Vegas girls made their rounds at the show the first day and I took this shot of them in my booth. I really wanted them to do a quick wardrobes change and see them all swathed in silk shibori! My they were tall!

The ACRE staff did a great job of producing the show- perhaps the best I’ve seen in 30 years of exhibiting at wholesale shows. The next photo tells the down side-


-a worrisome lack of buyers. The buyers that did attend were pleasantly surprised at the quality of artist work and the amount of new work by both new and experienced artists. The accounts I acquired are some of the best in the trade. The buyers were highly qualified as opposed to the buyers at the gift shows I have attended over the past several years. They will let anyone into those shows these days and it is hard work at a show to have to constantly sort out the “real” customers. Not a problem at this show. Ultimately though, I may have to sit out a year while the show builds. The show promoters are very experienced and know this must be the focus for the show to succeed. I trust it will.

be in touch and wonder~

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