As you may know (or not), Monday is art day in the 4th grade room. We had a wonderful hour discovering complementary colors, positive and negative space, and creating and painting more designs using our viewfinders. Penny & I have been studying the California Art Content Standards and working them into our lessons. We are compiling the standards of the 2nd-4th grades as these students have not been exposed to many of them and we are doing a bit of catching up. It appears that since the visual arts is not an area which is tested by the district, it is largely overlooked. We only have them for another month or so we will most likely concentrate on studying color for the next few weeks.
Here are a few photos….
this week’s work:





last week’s work:

I have considered separating these posts from my regular shibori posts and putting them on a separate blog….many of the artists who read this blog seem to enjoy these posts and I guess I like to imagine they might inspire some of you to look into what is happening to the visual arts education in your area. Hopefully, it is not in such a sad state of affairs as it is here in Long Beach.
I have found a few programs that look interesting (links below if you are interested). Unfortunately, Long Beach is not participating in them at this time.
LA County Arts
Arts TuneUp
Angels Gate Cultural Center

be in touch and wonder~

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