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6 colorways above from recent poles

I just got in my supply of string for polewrapping and now am busy wrapping and overdyeing. I ran out of what I had been using and was forced to try a number of others I had. I was reminded that some threads are much better than others and really can give different results. I have become accustomed to using a fine thread that is very strong and has a bit of elasticity. That way I can get it to stay tight against the pole. After unwrapping the poles above, the colors appear much more subtle and blended.

I am wrapping up the final details of my booth for the ACRE show next week-NCR order forms, misc.printing, slide show and final booth design. Lots of beads to sew-will do that Thursday. Packing the car on Sunday- leaving on Monday.

4 thoughts on “back to shibori

  1. shiborigirl

    susan wrote to me:
    “Hi. I am gobbling up your site. You mention new string-are you willing to
    share the what and where? I am a new shibori artist and enjoying sites like
    yours to educate myself. So, thank you for your effort. susan”

    sure- i’m using something called d-core. it has a poly core and is cotton wrapped. it is used in the textile trade i think- i got mine at a local weavers annual show and sale. it looks like it could be ordered online here:

    one thing i will say though, is that even if you use what i use to create your shibori it won’t be the same. there are so many variables in this craft- that is what i like about it. since i have tried many types of wrapped resists, i have discovered several other fibers which give their own unique results when used for pole wrapping.
    by experimenting with a variety of materials and techniques while trying to achieve a particular result, i often find myself turning down an unexpected path!!
    – experimentation is the beauty of shibori.



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