mono no aware and shibori

“mono no aware” is a japanese term most simply translated to awareness in the transient nature of things. shibori is like that to me. yesterday’s pieces while bound and tied for drying held a certain transient beauty for me, and an anticipation of what they would or could become when unbound. when unbound, some pieces delight me while others dissapoint and i must be satisfied with the knowlege that their transitory beauty existed for a brief time and i was there to see it. ahhh….the cherry blossoms are nothing but gutter flowers now.

1 thought on “mono no aware and shibori

  1. jude

    i’m enjoying all your posting, but my words don’t come lately. i’ll be back in balance soon…. following that slimy path to a better place, where “pink fairies” appear out of nowhere. tks.



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