lots of shibori…..

ahh…yes. back to work.
it’s a very good thing to get away and a trip up north and down the coast keeps life in balance.
lots of new ideas and thoughts are a result of taking some time off and i’m liking the results of the most recent pieces coming out. working out the process and decreasing the amount of time each piece takes to produce. hope to take a few photos tomorrow.
dyeing, ironing , pleating, folding, binding, unwrapping….
sometimes when i work i can ponder other things…like kids and art, which led me to collect some information on the subject. i found this page which lists Californis Art Facts.

All of which is interesting, but at the same time, Long Beach, a city of almost 500,000 people has a few other interesting facts which I collected via a series of emails to various Long Beach Unified School Board of Education board members.

For example, there are 52 elementary schools in the Long Beach Unified school district. In these 52 schools, there are exactly 0 (zero) schools with a dedicated art room. Additionally, there are the same number (0, zero) schools with a paid visual arts teacher. None. In the whole district. Where to even begin? Guess I’ll just show up with Penny on Monday at the local elementary school 3rd grade room…..and we’ll do some art.

Then come back and start dyeing.

be in touch and wonder~

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