orange! blue….. shibori

-dyed a batch of luscious orange. colors definitely alter my moods.
for me, orange is a happy color. smell the oily peel of a freshly picked
orange. 50/50 bars dripping on the hot summer sidewalk.
melissa likes orange. i grate fresh peel into my coffee every
morning just to smell the scent.

pieces of blue
blue feels more somber. quieter and peaceful. i like to look at blue and think.
getting the blues shibori-style….

3 thoughts on “orange! blue….. shibori

  1. shiborigirl Post author

    haven’t used raw silk..yet
    so far i have purchased silk from all the usual sources…dharma, thai silks, & exotic silks- all available online.
    have you shiboried yet?
    new blog?? where do you find the time….


  2. jude

    my son is traveling with my brother around asia, collecting silk for me. then i will shibori. (in a few weeks) how much do you dye at one time? and how much do you charge for these things?
    time does not exist for me i just move on. 🙂



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