in the classroom with shibori (part three)

As promised, more on the 4th grade shibori class from last week.

Penny & I arrived early to do the set up while they were out at recess. It’s very hard for them to concentrate on their work if we come in during class to set up. There are times when this is unavoidable, but it’s best not to. They can’t help but want to see what we are doing!

The kids all filed in and got to their desks. You saw the picture before where they were listening to directions. I spoke for about 10 minutes (about the limit in my estimation) and talked about using art materials and safety. I showed them the tools we would be using and demonstrated how to create a resist on their fabric. We had 2 silk hankies for each student (one white & one green). We passed them out along with some various resists: plastic tie wraps, string, clothespins, and some small items that could be used for clamping. Penny , the teacher, & I walked around answering questions, helping, and checking the resists (tighter, tighter!). Each child also got a baggie with their name so we could identify their work.

Two by two the students were allowed to visit the dye table with their resisted fabric, each donning gloves and an apron. We used one color at a time and they were to dip, dribble, squirt dye on their piece. We used the jacquard acid dyes and I had a hot plate off to the side to heat the dye which I had brought in solution. We had a bowl of vinegar and one with water to dip the pieces into before unveiling the magic of shibori! We hung them to dry and while the kids were out at lunch, I ironed the hankies.

With all the resist work and 30 students, we were only able to get through 11 of the 30 kids at the dye table that day.
So in one hour, I’m off to the 4th grade to complete the dyeing of the remaining student’s work!
More to follow……
DSC_0537.JPGresisted hankies bagged with names

DSC_0536.JPGtodays dyeing
I love kids and art!

2 thoughts on “in the classroom with shibori (part three)

  1. jude

    oh, my, now that’s not fair. i want to see how they came out. maybe i should have been in this class, looks like so much fun and great to have a good teacher on hand.
    my mom taught nursery school for years and i used to sit in and play when it was arts and craft time, which was all the time. my mom is like me.


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    not to worry- next week we give a lesson just to view and talk about our work. this is one thing that kids DO NOT GET these days……time to reflect and much information is fired at them too quickly and then it’s on to the next thing-BAM! i am looking forward to this- it is really fun to hear what they have to say about the work and give them time to think…
    i’ll be posting lots of photos. (they came out great!!)



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