too much shibori…

Where do I start? maybe it’s better said in pictures…..

soak silk
soaking silk..

prepare dyeprepare dye

test meter.JPG

add auxilliaries…I use a digital ph meter

add auxilliaries process silk in bath..

add silk and process

remove silk, add dye, add silk and begin processing

raising temp



poles before discharging

blue to orange brown tolav

can you guess what colors these were discharged from?

test resist 1
random resist

test resist2

from pink to white….discharged. unwrapped and resist redone and discharged again,
then overdyed and unwrapped

test resist3


other works of the day- these will be pole wrapped for texture


4 thoughts on “too much shibori…

  1. Anne

    I’d guess that the orange silk was originally blue or turquoise – in my experience with thiox, blues often discharge into oranges. In fact sometimes any colour discharges into orange. Has it ever happened to you?


  2. jude

    gorgeous effects, discharging is confusing with color isn’t it? i have some experience getting unexpected color change, just fooling around with bleach on sulfur dyed cottons.


  3. shiborigirl Post author

    anne- bingo! yes, it was the turquoise blue pole wrapped in the other photo. blues do discharge to orange and further discharging reduces the amount of orange to a taupe-y color. often when discharging this color, the orange fades upon cooling (or perhaps oxidizing? Karren Brito would know the answer to this). but no, I have not experienced any color discharging to orange. each discharges to a different color. if you look (page 43 I think…) in Karren Brito’s book there is a list of colors and what they discharge to. I have tried most of those colors and each has discharged to just what she lists there.
    and jude… experience is limited to silk but i notice around blogdom others discharging store bought fabrics with various results. interesting….



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