a place to buy shibori

One day last December, I was in Laguna Beach looking around to see if there was a shop down there that would be a good place to sell my work once I got to that point. Kind of a day outing, just poking around. I went into a number of shops on the main retail strip and while several were nice enough, nothing really seemed “right”. In my head I was envisioning what the perfect shop would be like……..beautifully displayed garments, handmade textile creations, a salesperson who was knowlegable and could convey to the customer the specialness of what they were looking at as they wandered through the shop. Enough breathing room for both the product and the client. A relaxed atmosphere and real salesmanship in helping clients choose something right for a special occasion………
I wandered off the main drag and over to Ocean Ave., past a streetside cafe that looked very inviting and just as I was thinking of turning around at the end of the street I encountered textile dreams……..only I wasn’t dreaming. It was in fact, Textile Dreams.
I wandered in……utterly amazed. Handmade textile creations, beautifuflly displayed garments, and just as I was taking all this in I was greeted by Martin, the owner. He welcomed me and gave me a few bits of information on the items I was looking at and invited me to look around. Originally from the Basque county in Spain, Martin runs the shop and his wife, Julie creates one of a kind garments and jackets which are featured in the store alongside the work of many other talented makers of textile dreams such as Carter Smith’s shibori. I had never actually seen any of Carter Smith’s dresses and jackets in person so I took the opportunity to admire……and they are beautiful.
Martin has a great talent for dyeing textiles as well as styling ensembles for his customers. He makes private appointments as well as posted shop hours. Twenty new pieces have just been delivered to Textile Dreams, so if you are in Laguna Beach, treat yourself to a visit and see for yourself!

be in touch and wonder~

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