what if David Hockney did shibori?


working tools

base dyed silk-black, green/gold, & cafe

assorted resists-ready to overdye

discharged poles-ready to overdye

-after overdyeing-poles unwrapped. Note the tape on one of the poles. I mark them with the color and style after wrapping the pole so I can remember which is which when I am doing a variety of styles. Hard to tell once you have them all pole wrapped.

itajime practice.

more itajime- I’ll pole wrap this for texture.


playing with fabric. I was inspired by rebel quilter.

not being a quilter, I realize I have a lot to learn!

practicing on postcards. different weights of silk are harder to work with than cottons. stitch the appliques FIRST before cutting (duh). temporary spray adhesive was my friend. using the right needle in the machine (for silk) is key . much more to learn. this one goes out to Joy in Alabama. still have a few cards left to make for the swap but I’m almost done.


project from Feb. quilt club class (make a valentine). I am using my shibori silk for all the projects in this year long class. used one of my geometric porcelain butons with a magnetic clasp. also had some fun using garment labels for the message.

the other side…

If David Hockney did shibori, what would it look like?

Thanks for the birthday wishes…I spent the day going to the David Hockney exhibit at the LA Louver Gallery in Venice. I am a fan of his work and go to see all his exhibits. He is amazingly prolific. I think he is around 70 now. Afterward, went to eat cuban food at Versailles on Venice Blvd. Made a stop at Samy’s Camera for my birhtday present- a new Nikon 70-300 af lens 4.5-5.5. It’s one of those things you wonder why you didn’t buy sooner (oh yeah…the $). I will put this to good use! Thank you!!

Shop talk- filling some orders, getting ready for the ACRE show and lining up a couple more for the year. Booking a photo shoot at a studio with a model. Have lots of silk needing beads sewn on tips, need to take more photos….
back to work.

3 thoughts on “what if David Hockney did shibori?

  1. shiborigirl Post author

    Gunnel’s flickr sets are real eye candy… the tree postcard reminded me of the tree paintings I saw at the David Hockney show. Trees have been getting my attention lately…



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