Shibori and kids…

Speaking of practicing shibori with kids, whipup has been sending lots of readers my way and thanks for that! (stop a minute and leave a comment!) Someone must have been reading my mind because I am in the planning stages of a two lesson shibori class for some 5th graders at the local elementary school. We are going to do silk hankies for mothers day using clamping (itajime), stitching, and bound resists. The first lesson will involve creating the resists and showing them some sample pieces. We will use all kinds of everyday objects for binding and clamping. In the second lesson, we will be dyeing the pieces outside in the rose garden. We’ll be starting in late March and finish in April. Look for photos here and in the shibori photo pool on flickr.
itajime.jpg triangles.jpg

3 thoughts on “Shibori and kids…

  1. Chris Yocca

    Working with kids is great. They love doing this. I started my design business after doing itajime shibori with kids. I came up with some wonderful designs using “junk” as the clamps. It was very addictive. I would love to write a book about Itajime.

    The health and safety hazards of fiber reactive dyes lead me away from this business, although I still have stock to sell. It is hard to be safe enough without an outside studio.

    I’ll do some shibori again with kids, but use rust or other non toxic natural dyeing.


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    I agree, my studio is outside and here in California we are fortunate with the weather. Of course as part of the lesson we will discuss safety when working with hazardous materials, but the kids will have very limited exposure to the dyes as we will have that part all pre-set up and they will wear protective gear as well. We will use the Jacquard acid dyes.



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