trade show season

January always brings a host of trade shows to the So Cal area and I always attend several. Usually, I am an exhibitor but not this year! I took a walk through the California Mart last week just to see what’s up in LA fashion (at least in the showrooms and the temps) and was able to pick up on a few trends. Many lines are showing lots of fabric manipulations and fussy detailing, especially on the bodices of dresses and blouses. Pleating, scrunching, ruching (sp?), just embellishing in general with lots of detailing. Light flowy fabrics with nice drape and swing to them. More with a hand dyed look than usual.
High waisted dressed and blouses with special attention to the bust area detailing. Fun to look at. You can go here and see more industry trends and various resources.
Next show on the list is the NAMM show- the National Association of Music Merchants. I live in a household of musicians so we have artist passes provided by a vendor. This is always an interesting show and as a non musician myself, I look for different things that might cross over into other areas. That takes care of Thursday which is usually followed by Friday where I will attend the California Gift Show. I have been to this show more times than I care to admit but I’ll give it a once over to remind myself I probably will never do this show again as an exhibitor (25 years is enough!) but I will look at the wholesale semi precious bead section as well as see if there is anything there I’ve never seen before (rarely) but I’m always hopeful! Lastly, I will be at the CHA (Craft Hoby Association) show in Anahiem helping out an acquaintance at their booth which will give me a chance to look this show over. I haven’t attended this show in years and only exhibited at it once (long story there but suffice it to say that if you aren’t already making your product in China, by the end of the show someone will be). And so it goes.

3 thoughts on “trade show season

  1. jude

    ah trade shows yes, a fair share of those here in new york too. i went to the Direction show here this week, yes i am in the fabric business and all the fabrics i handle are made in china!!!!!
    embellishment is really the thing these days, very ethnic and alot of competition from india, they do a great job. but the word on the street is that minimalism is on the rise , space age style, where preformance not fabric will be the focus, pooh, not for me.


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    so sounds like you are a mfg. rep? i would LOVE to walk through that show. i walk the LA textile show but it’s small in comparison to NY. as an exhibitor at the NY stationery show one year i got to walk through a show called sources (i think) which was fascinating. textile, design etc. performance fabric is OK, we just need to figure out how to make it interesting! i’m not a fan of too much embellishment either so some minimalism sounds like a challenge. not too fond of space age-at least i don’t think so……



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