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dsc_0483.jpgAs I create my personal course of study on shibori, textiles, craft etc., I mix actual practice of shibori with the desire to understand the market for crafts and the significance of craft in today’s world. As often is the case, I turn to Karren Brito’s blog for a lesson and discovered the term “communities of practice”. For an indepth explaination of this, you can listen to Dennis Stevens’ talk for which she provides a link.

Personally, I find this a fascinating topic. I want to hear the thoughts of other artists/makers on this subject. By posting comments on this and other related topics, I am able to sort out my thoughts and add my perspective to the conversation.
I am not right or wrong, just involved in the process of learning. When you add your thoughts in a comment it allows us, as a community of practice, to discover and learn from each other. (so check it out and leave a thought behind!)

In other business, the flickr photo pool is growing and it’s fun to see what others are doing and what their interests are.

I’m enjoying the postcard swap and have received several back so far. I realize that the ones I’m sending out are
so different from the one’s I’m receiving-at least so far. What I would love to do is a postcard swap limited to using shibori fabics. Hmmm……any takers? Above image is of the last card I sent out. It reminded me of a spider and I used a silver metalic thread to machine quilt it with. I wanted the thread to mimic a web and I liked the way the stitching around the edge looked like fine wire(can’t see it in this photo). Also added a piece of the arashi shibori ribbon I made last week.

Oh- and here is the start of the quilt block I was playing with before.

4 thoughts on “communities of practice

  1. jude

    the market issue for crafts has always haunted me. i think that is why i channeled my activity toward gift giving…so i could justify all the work without any expectations. since i plan to stop working soon, it is time to rethink again. tks for the reminder. i think there are definitely different levels in craft, i have found a select few that will pay almost anything. but… too few and so, i am thinking of teaching as an alternative…..

    love the quilt block. i will try some dyeing next weekend. wish me luck.


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    yes, i suppose it can seem daunting. where to start? my answer to that question has always been: start somewhere, start small, grow it slowly, and be willing and able to be flexible.
    -giving your work as a gift is always lovely too.

    now what to do with that quilt block……..

    jude, if you send me an email- i have something i want to mail to you…thanks for being “brave” & commenting !


  3. jude

    you know, since i wrote my reply, i have been thinking and i have revisited trying to be a selling crafts person. i have had a conversation with a painter friend of mine and we ar going to try to do a christmas craft fair here in ny next year. now to figure out how to make that happen……i sent you a what’s up mail to make sure i have the right contact info….
    what kind of dyes do you use?



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