flickr pool for shibori

If you are creating shibori textiles and would like to share your work, go to flickr and join the shibori photo pool. It’s a great way to see what others are doing and to ask a question about their work.

A few posts ago, I showed you a photo of a simple tessallation I had folded out of paper. If you’d like to try it yourself, get the directions here and give it a whirl. This was sent to me from one of my flickr contacts. His work is fascinating and I especially like his textiles. There is also a photo pool for tessellations if you want to check that out too! Once you dive into the pool at flickr, it’s hard to get out of the water!

Back at work again and dyed the silk a luscious pea soup green yesterday. I can’t ever go wrong with green- just love it!
Fold, iron, wrap, fold, clamp, tie, repeat. I have GOT to make myself motor driven pole wrapping station! I see from the SDA conference workshop list that Carter Smith is giving a workshop with blueprints for one ($325). Don’t think I’ll be able to get to KC for that but it can’t be too difficult. Discharge and dye today. Hope the warm weather holds out for drying poles today. Photos next time, I promise. In the meantime, check out flickr! And don’t be shy about leaving a comment or asking a question……

3 thoughts on “flickr pool for shibori

  1. jude

    i have to try doing this shibori thing. i just ordered a book called Memory on Cloth for inspiration. i may have some questions for you along the way.



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