tessellations, itajime, and quilting

The above image is a simple folded tessellation in paper. Check back later in the week to see how it translates to silk and dyeing….
I spent some time yesterday playing with some quilting templates and cutting pieces that could be used for quilt blocks.
I know some quilters that would love using itajime fabric in this way. I wish my quilting skills were a bit better. I am using my art card postcard swap to make some mini quilt-like samples and practice. It has been so long since I did any quilting and I never did very much to start with! I am looking forward to getting some of the postcards myself so I can study some of the techniques others are using. By arranging the template on the fabric to capture specific design elements, one can create some wonderful quilt blocks. I especially liked the one started below.
And on a final note, my first postcard using this fabric pictured below. I left in the texture from polewrapping and machine quilted along the lines created by the itajime shibori. Note to self: get better and more efficient at doing the binding!

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