combining techniques


I am having a great time learning to use my new camera! It’s a digital SLR (nikon D40) and about as close to a point and shoot digital in the SLR family as you will get. I’m having as much fun photographing the fabric as making it.  Recently made some blank notecards using some of the images.  Check out what Tricia McKellar is doing with her shibori work.

I have uploaded a few more pics to the flickr shibori set so I won’t post them all here- just go over there and browse.

I have been recently experimenting in combining techniques and one of my favorite combinations is itajime with arashi shibori or stitched and bound resists. I create the dyed design on the silk and then process the fabric as in arashi shibori (pole wrapping) or apply stitched and bound resists for texture only- no dyes applied. Some of the itajime pieces look like stained glass! Very beautiful. I recently joined an artcard (postcard)swap and am using this technique to create the fabric which I then quilt along the lines of the design with batting to preserve some of the sculptural aspects of the fabric. I’ve never done a postcard swap before but I know many quilters are obsessed with them. We have 24 cards to make and post by April. In return, we get 24 cards back from all over the world. I can’t wait to see what other people make!

3 thoughts on “combining techniques

  1. Gunnel Svensson

    and thanks for your nice comments on my blog! I also like your flickr!
    The picture on the christmaswindows was from my holiday in october in Budapest, the capital of Hungary! But I think it will get some christmasfeeling!




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