handpainting arashi shibori poles

Spent the last couple of days just letting my imagination run and tried out some various stuff I just made up. Not to say it hasn’t been done before (what hasn’t these days?), but things i haven’t seen done in any of the books I have so far. Tried out some combinations of techniques and got some pretty good results- leading me on to some other ideas. Got the mac back earlier than expected and have spent some time reading some pretty great informational blogs/websites on dyeing- I’m finally able to understand a bit more of what is going on in regards to the chemistry of dyeing. Thank you Paula Burch! Another great site is Isabella Whitworth’s site which has alot of technique pages on silk painting.
Photo above is a base dyed silk scarf, accordian folded into a triangle and pole wrapped arashi style. I then hand painted various colors over the surface, letting them penetrate and building up the color by multiple applications as well as injecting color. Steam set and dried. When unfolded, I wasn’t sure I liked it, but when I tried it on- WOW! An unexpected design element emerged that made it seem that I had intended it. Gotta get someone to model these so I can get some photos.
Next photos are of another piece wrapped lengthwise and handpainted on the pole. After stemaing and drying, I ironed the edges which created a flared or ruffled edge. Again, wearing this piece, a beautiful sculptural wrap was the result.

5 thoughts on “handpainting arashi shibori poles

  1. Sandra D.

    Hello Glynnis!

    How beautiful your work is, and thank you for posting those photos of the folded fabric. It is so nice to see the process.
    So, how do you like wordpress? I’m seriously thinking of switching…like, because I cannot even access my blogger account now…darn blogger beta.
    Shibori On! Sandra.


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    I like wordpress much better. More options and easy to use not to mention that I have never had a problem accessing it or any problems with images dissapearing as I did with eblogger.
    Definitly worth moving.


  3. Emeline

    Hey I just wanted to say that I LOVE your Pole Shibori!! I do Textiles and Fashion at college, but we haven’t been using a brush, we just use the dyes and getting a very smugged effect, I will try to do it, but unlikely as we have moved one from that work shop, but yours is great !!
    Just thought i’d leave a little comment, I never do but it was just too nice to not say anything 🙂 thanks emeline xxx


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