stitched resisted and wrapped shibori


Here is my sampler from the workshop this past weekend. I tried at least a dozen different techniques and I found a few that I want to incorporate into a future piece. They used an “instant” indigo and I discovered I want to start my own vat here in my studio. I went back and re-read Karren Brito’s posts on indigo which cleared up many things and will lead to better success next time. It’s been a little while since I posted a link to her blog, but I have learned so much from both her book and her blog. She is amazing! Another blog, mystery of light, mystery of shadow recently posted a video clip of an artist in China dyeing with indigo. Have more photos, but they will have to go over to the flickr photo pool.

I decided not to go back to day two of the workshop as it really was not very well put together.  Karren’s blog and the books I have found are much more helpful in combination with actual practice than what was happening in the workshop.  C’est la vie!

be in touch and wonder~

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