stitch resisted shibori

Ok, so let me point out all the things that are wrong with this piece. First, the pukey color I started out with. Fine for arashi as a base color depending on the over-dyes but way too wimpy for what I had in mind. It was intended as a practice piece and I did learn a lot from it. For all the stitching, wrapping, and beads applied the result was less than impressive. I discharged the bound and stitched silk without overdyeing it. Another mistake. The designs would have been more vibrant had I overdyed it but I was in a hurry to see what the results of the resisted areas looked like. Being in a hurry does not work well in shibori-land. What I want to do now is cut standard squares of fabric and do each square with a different resist pattern. That way I will have a little library of swatches for my sample book. I could go on but on the other hand, the itajime piece I did yesterday was quite successful and the several arashi pieces were the best so far. I even duplicated a previous colorway to my satisfaction. One exciting difference was that I used a finer fiber for the wrapping process and it produced sharper pleats which I liked. I had purchased it last week at the So. Cal. Handweavers Guild annual festival in Torrence. Coincidentally, I recently read a paper by Diane Sparks called “Explorations in Pleated Fabric Garment Structures” that mentioned using fishing line for wrapping. I don’t think I’d like that but the fiber I purchased is working just fine. I have 3 yards of 3mm silk to dye and wrap and I think I will use the fine fiber for that one. By the way, the 3mm silk is very “floaty” and light and I expect it to be difficult to work with. We’ll see!

be in touch and wonder~

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