shibori and indigo

I am looking forward to a 2 day workshop at Stick & Stone in Van Nuys that is teaching various shibori techniques culminating in a day of indigo dyeing. I recently got a hold of the catalog to an exhibition titled “Arimatsu Shibori: A Japanese Tradition of Indigo Dyeing”
by Bonnie F. Abiko which has illustrations of many stitched shibori patterns. A description of the book follows:
A definitive and richly illustrated catalog to a very special exhibition of Arimatsu shibori, Japanese textiles produced in Arimatsu (a small town on the Tokaido Road) using shibori dye-resist techniques. It features the collections of the Arimatsu Shibori Exhibition Hall, the Nagoya City Museum, the Hitoshi Fujimoto Collection and the private collections of Kozo Takeda and Hiroko Harada. Very well-written text and beautifully produced.
I am studying it in anticipation of the workshop two weeks from now. In the meantime, more dyeing, ironing, etc. I’ll post some more photos on the flickr photo pool.

be in touch and wonder~

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