a little history…..

It took Suzuki Kanezo 8 years to invent and perfect the technique of arashi shibori around 1860 in Arimatsu, Japan. Arimatsu was originally one of the 53 rest stations established along the eastern coastal route of Japan, known as the Tokaido. The Tokaido connected the old and new capitals of Kyoto and Edo (now known as Tokyo) and was travelled by feudal lords, officials of the shogunate, and merchants, among others. Shibori was introduced to Arimatsu in the early 1600 ‘s as a village industry and it came to be known as the center of production for some of the finest shibori one could acquire.

Today, artists and designers worldwide recreate many of these designs and techniques, combining the new and traditional, bringing to market contemporary shibori pieces for you to enjoy. Shibori, a shaped resist dyeing technique, is inherently unique due to the handmade process necessary to produce it.

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