the nature of shibori

it seems that we have fewer and fewer things in our lives these days that are truly unique, one of a kind things that we can relate back to the maker of the object. all my life i have been a maker of things, some unique and some repeatable, but always handmade. shibori is that kind of thing. while i can repeat the dye recipe, the color scheme, the process in general, no two pieces are ever the same. i like that each time i create a piece it is unique to that moment in time. that each scarf’s owner has the only one ever made. even if i repeat a color scheme, i make a point to change something in the piece…….the weight of the silk fabric, the way the silk is folded before pleating, the dischage time, the order in which the colors are applied, the beads to weight the billowing silk. it’s all so deliciously variable!

be in touch and wonder~

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