the learning curve…..

discharged and overdyed black silk-4 patterns
discharged & overdyed black silk
It’s so exciting learning something new! I realize it’s been too long since I applied myself in this way-really focusing all my energy on it. Someone asked me the other day, “Why shiborigirl?”. When I started out with this project (and even now), it seemed I could work the topic of shibori into almost any conversation. Everything I do is fodder for the creative process. That led Phil, my partner, to start calling me shiborigirl. So there you have it. There are no mistakes in this process, only opportunities to learn more. It’s the things that don’t turn out as I expected that are of the most value.

2 thoughts on “the learning curve…..

  1. shiborigirl Post author

    top right fabric was dyed black, folded and clamped with wooden clothspins and discharged. simple! clothspins leave small squares as a pattern and i have played with them over and over. would be an easy technique to use if working with kids to create patterns with everyday objects.



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